19 May 2016

Everyone will grow old, and our eyesight will also grow weak as time goes on, but we are still eager to use our eyes to feel our living environment, explore our world more clearly.There is also an old proverb in China that "Old but vigorous" , which means people trust that the aged still can creat huge social value for human. And Marrywindix LED lights magnifying glass is the best gift to the aged, .45 x magnification , imaginative unique LED lighting design are great to meet the requirements of olders.

Popularization of Physical Basics:
About biconvex lens: if an object is placed at a distance > 2X focal length, an image distance will be at the 1X to 2X focal length, then will show an inverted, reduced real image.
The 45X lens' focal length is very short, so what our eyes see is all call inverted, reduced real image.

Material: Plastic, Glass Independent lighting design, 2 LEDs for the large lens and 1 LED for the small one, ensure better lighting effect.
Comfortable ergonomic handle Switch to turn lights on and off Compact and stylish design, portable light weight Great for reading, circuits, jewellery evaluating, and etc
Easy to hold Power: 3 x AAA batteries (not included in the package)

Lens size: diameter 75mmx22mm/2.9''x0.5''
Handle length: approx. 11cm/4.3''
Color: White+ Black
About Marrywindix
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